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                            Sheriff Joe Arpaio understands medical marijuana.

I have had the privilege of meeting Sheriff Joe, and we discussed the many benefits of medical cannabis (marijuana). He knows that folks are using less pharmaceuticals by trying this natural alternative for pain, sleep, and many other ailments. He knows they are feeling much better, naturally.                         

Learn more about this age old remedy and you may feel the same. 

When opiates like Oxycontin take a life every twenty minutes in America, and are lawful and available, we wonder why a medicine that has never taken a life remains illegal.

The Journal for the American Medical Association's             

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August 2014 Report, 
Medical Cannabis Laws and Opioid Analgesic Overdose Mortality in the United States, 1999-2010,  lists the lives that are saved in states that allow the legal regulation of cannabis.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention 

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reports more than 36,000 overdose deaths from pharmaceutical pain medications and 88,000 alcohol related deaths per year in the United States. There is no data for marijuana overdose, as there has never been one on record.

Regulation and Education are key in reducing teen drug use.

Drug Dealers Don't Ask for an I.D. 

In states where medical marijuana has been legally regulated, employees who sell a substance must ask for an I.D. and it is only sold to adults. 

US News and World Report, The Colorado Healthy Kids Report

The people who brought Arizona medical marijuana through Proposition 203, The Marijuana Policy Project, are returning to our state to legally regulate in 2016.
Donations for the 2016 Campaign to Legally Regulate Cannabis in Arizona can be forwarded to:
Rose Law Group 
Attention: Ryan Hurley
7144 E Stetson Drive, Suite 300, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Make checks payable to The Marijuana Policy Project in Arizona


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