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 Saving Lives and Promoting Peace through Advocacy and Education                                                                                                                                                                        
    Our mission is to empower and educate women to choose a natural, safer alternative to prescription drugs and alcohol, come and learn a little bit more about marijuana, and take what they have learned and share it with their families, friends, and co-workers. We provide a local community resource to access important information and network with other women. 
With the passing of Proposition 203, folks are interested to know the benefits of marijuana.
                                              Women need to know the facts.




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While Alcohol remains Legal and claims
approximately  85,000 lives per year according to the
Journal of the American Medical Association, possession of any Marijuana at all is still a FELONY in Arizona without a medical card.



       Why women?


    Women are the caretakers.  Women are our mothers.  Women are the keepers of the family health. 
Women provide nutrition, guidance, medicine, and comfort to the rest of the family.  Who better to benefit from both the comfort and the truth about marijuana than women?
                  A comfortable woman can better serve her family. 

An educated woman may recommend the natural, safer alternative to her parents, husband, or children when they are faced with a doctor's prescription for pharmaceutical drugs. 

    An educated also woman knows pharmaceuticals kill over 100,000 people per year, while marijuana has never cause a single death, ever.

Women want to keep their families safe.

    An educated mother knows the dangers of alcohol.  She may recommend the natural, safer alternative to keep her children safer when they are faced with a choice.  We all prefer they stay sober, and never experiment with any drugs or alcohol, but we must keep our eyes open.  In some cases, it can mean life or death.

    Everyone is well aware of the hazards of drinking and driving, but there are many other societal troubles associated with alcohol.   Binge drinking kills about 50,000 children per year.  Parents are unaware of the legal but very poisonous effects of drinking too much too quickly. 

Children are experimenting sooner than parents think, and with deadly results.

   Mothers can keep their daughters safer by explaining the risks related to alcohol and dating.  Young girls are less likely to end up in a bad situation if they are not numb with alcohol.  Alcohol lowers inhibitions and causes reckless behavior.
Alcohol has been statistically proven to be a source of assault, date rape, and domestic violence.

An educated woman is a force to be reckoned with.

   We all know someone who has been hurt by alcohol or prescribed medications.  It is time to let the truth be heard.  Whether you already have an affinity for cannabis, or you are new to exploring this option, we welcome you.


Let Arizona's local Partnership for a Drug Free America

                           know that it is time to get their priorities straight.  

The Center for the Disease Control Reports Prescription Deaths are an Epidemic in America.

USA Today Reports prescription drugs are the biggest cause of overdose deaths.

ABC15 Reports Arizona is the 6th Highest State for Precription Drug Abuse:

The Arizona Youth Survey, conducted by the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission, shows that prescription drug abuse and overdose has fallen by 5-10% since 2010, the year we obtained medicinal rights for marijuana in Arizona.  

This also shows a drop in binge drinking and alcohol related deaths, as statistics are showing nationally in states that have allowed medicinal or legal marijuana use.

Contact Keep AZ Drug Free and tell them it is time to focus their attention on the substances that are killing Arizona's children-  Alcohol and Prescription Drug Abuse.  

Marijuana never took a life on record.  It's time they got their priorities straight.

Keep AZ Drug Free

Carolyn Short, Executive Director



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              There is no end to the good we can do together.


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